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Natural Colon Cleansing

Natural foods that contain high quantity of fiber help to keep constipation and colon related ailments at bay. Foods such as vegetables, nuts, cereals and vegetables stimulate intestines and effectively cleanse the system. At the same time, you need to do regular exercises as exercising too stimulates bowel movements and flushes out all the accumulated waste from body.

One of the best natural colon cleansing procedures includes consuming one to two tablespoon of triphala powder along with lukewarm water before going to bed. You can call it a natural remedy for colon cleansing, Triphala is an effective ayurvedic formulation, which contains good amount of oxygen, magnesium, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and hydrogen. It is one of the natural herbs cures that are time proven. Ayurveda is a natural therapy form having its roots in india.

How triphala cleanses colon?

When you consume triphala, colon starts absorbing the constituents present in it. These constituents help in suctioning more oxygen in intestines form lungs due to which the food components and other accumulated wastes break down into simpler compounds. It also loosens the hard wastes stuck to walls of arteries as well as intestinal walls and removes such debris gently out of the body.

It prevents formation of anaerobic bacteria, which are responsible for retarding the efficiency of colon. On the other hand, it promotes the development of aerobic bacteria such as microbial bacteria, reduces the level of toxins and cleanses the system. Triphala also supplies energy to bodily cells and as result you remain active all day.

Another natural method of cleansing colon is hydrotherapy. In this method, you need to engulf as much as water you can. Water is an ideal natural cleanser, which removes toxins out and maintains bowel health. Warm water is more effective as compared to cold water, because it soothes colon by exerting mild pressure and expels waste material eventually.

Other natural herbs too help to remove debris accumulated in colon. However, you will have to take natural colon cleansing products for few months. It may not show immediate results and it will take awhile before your body gets completely free from accumulated material.

Risks Involved:

Herbal colon cleansing products and procedures do not involve any risks, but these products may cause certain amount of discomfort, the so called healing crisis. They do not taste fine and you will feel uneasiness, when you start taking it initially and you might undergo some emotional turbulences. Natural product such as triphala may not suit all individuals, because its constituents stir the accumulated phlegm as well as undigested food and arouse the feeling of vomiting.

You may suffer from migraine, nausea, pains, anxiety disorders, fever, aches, crying spells, depression or exhaustion by using natural detox herbs or remedies. These symptoms or risks may subside after few days. To avoid this you may consider taking triphala pills.
Therefore, it is always better to seek advice of doctor before using these natural products. Doctors check whether you are allergenic to natural products or not and then recommend specific products to use. Do not do any cleanse if you have a spastic colon.

Benefits of a natural colon cleanse:

There are several benefits of using natural colon cleansers. If you suffer from certain medical ailments, then you may treat them easily. Products such as triphala, psyllium husks seeds relive pain and other symptoms associated with fatigue, headaches, irritability, bad breath, cold, severe allergies, and frequent tiredness. In addition, they also cure constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), acne, skin rashes, Candida and frequent infections on skin. It also makes your digestive system strong and averts any further deposition of phlegm.

Natural colon cleansers may cure many other diseases too. There are certain teas such as green tea, and other natural colon detoxifying products that clear debris from colon painlessly.

Colon Cleansing Overview:

Natural colon cleansers are effective detoxifying agents. Initially, you may feel as if it (natural product) is not working. It will take time, but eventually will remove all the debris accumulated in the colon due to improper eating habits. Thus, benefits of natural colon cleansing products are immense and it will make your life much better. Often they are a natural constipation relief, too.


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