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Ion Cleanse Electronic Detoxification System

Everyone yearns to lead a happy, healthy, and peaceful life. Health is one of the invaluable assets in life that is difficult to regain once lost. You need to take good care of your health and keep your body in good shape so that diseases don’t nag you. Indeed, a disease-free life is a big boon!

Even though you take extreme care about your well-being, sometimes you do face troubles because of unknown or uncontrollable factors. Toxemia is one such condition wherein you face a series of health problems due to excessive collection of chemicals and toxins on your body.

As seen today, there is an unprecedented growth in the use of chemicals, pesticides, additives, derivatives, and other forms of toxic substances that enter our body and start attacking it.
When your body is attacked with toxins, you will experience a series of health problems which may range from headaches to chronic diseases like arthritis. You might wonder as to what you need to do to keep a check on these problems.

Well, the solution is simple—just undergo detoxification sessions and find the difference for yourself. Detoxification simply refers to the process of using certain mechanisms to get rid of toxins, chemicals, and other undesirable wastes that have been attacking your body for an unduly long time and causing havocs in your otherwise healthy body.

There are many methods of detoxification known and recommended in the market today. Among them, the methods that use ions as the basis have been found to be the most effective. To be more specific, ion cleanse electronic detoxification systems are the most preferred among the available forms of body detoxification.

Let us try to analyze the functioning and the theories behind ion cleanse electronic detoxification system. This will help you to gain an insight about detoxification through ion cleanse electronic detoxification system and also encourage you to try it out and feel the results.

To begin with, you must have learnt about the concepts of atoms, molecules, etc. in your school lessons. Refreshing some of those concepts, ions are nothing but atoms that can either gain or lose molecules—more specifically known as electrons. When they undergo such a reaction, they are either positively or negatively charged also set up a magnetic field around them.

The ion cleanse electronic detoxification system is designed using this ion theory only. A typical ion cleanse electronic detoxification system includes an array, a machine that carries this array, a power outlet is required to pass direct current, tap water, and a large vessel or tub that can hold the ion cleanse machine, and purifying salts—preferably sea salts.  

Let us now move on to the actual process of how the ion cleanse electronic detoxification system works. As discussed earlier, the array is made up of certain metals that react with the other ingredients like water and salts to create waves of charged atoms or ions. The water in the vessel is separated into two parts—oxygen and hydrogen.

Not only that, the magnetic field created by these ions has the capacity to neutralize oppositely charged particles. These particles are then transferred from the skin, a lower membrane and sent out, to a higher concentration. This process is commonly known as “osmosis”. This is another theory that is best used in ion cleanse electronic detoxification system.

The ions that are created by the reaction between the array and other substances cling themselves on to many or most toxins in your body and pull them out through the pores in your skin, especially feet. The process of body detoxification through ion cleanse electronic detoxification system is a simple yet effective one.

Firstly, it does not hurt you when you are undergoing a detoxification session. You can relax and settle down comfortably in the comfort of your own home and let the ion cleanse electronic detoxification system do the job for you—the magic of cleansing your body and eliminating toxins that have been playing spoilsport in your life since a long time!

Moreover, you can enjoy added benefits as the system is an electronic one and not manual. In an ion cleanse electronic detoxification system, you can set the timer and place your feet in the water. Slowly, you can notice the color change in the water. This reveals what sort of toxins are being eliminated and from which organ.

The most important point for you to remember before venturing into detoxification through ion cleanse electronic detoxification system is that you should always seek your doctor’s opinion before starting.

Usually, a muscle test is necessary to know whether your body really needs a detoxification session or not. If your body does not need one, you should never have one. Apart from this, you should also ascertain the duration and the number of sessions that you need to undergo. The ultimate goal is to eliminate as much toxins as possible and cleanse your body.

Even though the methodology is quite simple, the ion cleanse electronic detoxification system is not suitable for everyone. Though this is really unfortunate, yet there are some restrictions regarding usage. Those who suffer from chronic diseases should seek their doctor’s opinion before starting an ion cleanse.
Also, those who have either lost or gained an organ cannot use this method of body detoxification. People who are fitted with electronic devices like pacemaker or have a metal joint in any part cannot undergo body detoxification through ion cleanse electronic detoxification system.

It is simply Body Detoxification via an Ionizing Footbath.

Normally, a detoxification session lasts for 30 minutes. Just imagine, in such a short period of time, you can feel light and healthier as toxins are removed from your body. Hence, it is always helps you if you are diligent about detoxifying your body and carry on with the cleansing process as instructed. Don’t overdo it; at the same time, don’t be carried away by the huge elimination of toxins that you witness in the very first session. There might be loads, still stubborn, and hanging in your system. The fact that the first session was successful in eliminating a big load is in itself an encouraging trend that your body is responding quickly and correctly, as expected.

You should realize that ion cleanse electronic detoxification system has done it for you. It is up to you to continue using it and relieving your body totally from the remaining toxins too. Another positive aspect of ion cleanse electronic detoxification system is that it is compatible with other forms of medicine like alternative medicines, homeopathy, herbal treatment, vitamin detoxification methods, etc.
Doesn’t this sound incredible? Indeed, it implies that you can safely launch a multi-pronged attack on the toxic substances in your body, without any side-effect.

Once you get your body assessed through a muscle test, you can know the optimum amount and duration of ion cleansing that you need. The best thing about ion cleanse electronic detoxification system is that even if you belong to the older age group, you can undertake body detoxification as it is a painless process and result-oriented too. Even if you claim that you are healthy with no health problems, you can try ion cleanse electronic detoxification system to double-check that no toxin stays in your body and preys upon it!


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