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Homemade Colon Cleanse

Today, science and technology have witnessed unprecedented advancements like never before. Like any issue, there is both a positive as well as a negative side to this too. It is a wise decision to analyze the disadvantages of modernization and be aware of the ill-effects and impact of innovations and advancements because you can try your best to be safe and away from any such influence.

The crux of the issue is that our lifestyle has changed drastically to the extent that we don’t find enough time even to take stock of our own health and what is happening to our body and why.

Only when you are faced with extreme sickness, you show a concern for our body and its maintenance. This is not what your body expects from you—it requires us to be more kind and considerate towards its well-being.

The equation is quite simple—as you sow, so you reap. If you are concerned about your body, it reciprocates by being in good shape and does not trouble you every now and then in the form of sicknesses. On the other hand, if you begin to feel unhealthy and complain of frequent, inexplicable illnesses, then you need to realize that time is ripe for you to concentrate and attend to your body and find remedies for healing those illnesses. Talking of remedies, there can hardly be a better solution than body detoxification.

You can take up detoxification on the whole or a particular organ, say the liver or colon. Before proceeding, a quick look at the functions of the colon will definitely help.

Our body is indeed an amazing creation of nature. It has an inbuilt cleansing system consisting of the colon, lungs, kidneys, the liver, and the skin. These organs work as a team to fight toxins and eliminate them. The colon is our topic of interest here. It is basically responsible for absorbing and recycling minerals and other nutrients and eliminating unwanted substances from the body.

The colon plays a significant role in getting rid of toxic wastes from our body so that they do not affect us in any way. If this does not happen automatically, then it is a dangerous sign because it is said that “Death begins in the colon”. This simply means that once you consume unhealthy food, then your colon faces high risk of toxicity due to its inability to remove toxins. Consequently, toxins, acidic wastes, metallic residues, and even remnant particles of fecal matter remain in the colon walls and start attacking it. Not only that, parasites, virus, and bacteria begin to breed in these elements and cause dangerous infections and diseases, sometimes fatal too, like Hepatitis.

To get rid of all these toxins and help your colon to reach normalcy, you need to regularly undertake colon cleansing or detoxification. Compared to chemicals and other non-traditional methods, homemade methods of colon cleanse are safe and comfortable too. You can do this cleansing in the comfort of your home using homemade solutions like herbs.

Let us get into more detail. A simple homemade colon cleanse program would consist of:

  1. A simple diet—often when you want to do colon cleansing, you are asked not to consume heavy foods like fat as this may affect the treatment. A light diet consisting of soups or salads can be taken. A fiber-rich food goes a long way in cleaning your colon of all toxins.
  2. A few cups of juices—this is necessary to avoid dehydration. Always opt for homemade fresh juices or preferably just have the pulps. The most common ones are apples, carrots, celery, etc.
  3. Enemas—you can do enemas from plain, distilled water or even from coffee.

However, the process of colon cleansing is indeed a fearful task, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. But, once you are through with it, you gain confidence and can repeat it any number of times according to your body conditions.

Fasting is perhaps one of the best homemade solutions to colon cleansing. Initially, you might be unsure whether you can really fast. But, to make yourself comfortable, begin with a juice fast. In this too, there are some restrictions if you are suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis. You need to consult your doctor before fasting. Since ancient times, fasting has held its place in colon cleansing. According to experts, mere fasting is not enough to cleanse your colon. On the other hand, it should be accompanied by colon cleansing methods.

Newer methods of colon cleansing are being unearthed to make you comfortable while your colon is cleansed. Home colonics are a good example for this. In this method, the gravitational force is used for eliminating all wastes, especially excess mucus content from the colon.

Alternative medicines are being encouraged for colon cleansing. A good case to support this statement is the growth of holistic medication systems. The term “holistic” is self-explanatory and indicates that a holistic practitioner will not merely give remedies for the current ailments but rather try to analyze the illness in a complete perspective, looking at it from all angles like social, physiological, psychological, mental planes, etc. Such a deep-rooted analysis is more result-oriented as a number of hidden facts are revealed.

Another popular system of colon cleansing is Ayurveda. This ancient Indian form of medicine is a storehouse of many a valuable herbal solution to diseases and treats them in a natural way. The product developed by ayuvedic experts for colon cleansing is Triphala, which means it consists of three herbs, namely, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaki.

Each of these herbs has unique qualities and helps in its own way to remove toxic wastes from the body and also do colon cleansing. Not only that, this herbal product removes other symptoms like IBS, laxative dependency, etc. These herbal detoxifiers are safe and have few side-effects as they do not include any chemicals.

Other systems of medicine like Homeopathy, naturalistic healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc. too have their own techniques in handling detoxification and colon cleansing.

Homemade colon cleansing can also include “colon irrigation” as it is called. You can buy a home colonic board for this purpose. Unlike enema, you don’t need to rush to evacuate your system of wastes. The waste is automatically disposed. Not only that, there is hardly any discomfort felt or force needed.

It is in fact a great relief when you are provided with a host of medical solutions for colon cleansing. You can choose one that best suits you. The yoga school of medicine too has its own share in detoxification of the body and the colon too.

Since ancient times, colon cleansing has been a major concern for physicians. To testify this, the Chinese medicine has a term “Chi” which means a higher level of body energy. This is used in the context of the benefits of colon cleansing. Whatever form of medicine it may be, the underlying fact is that colon cleansing can be done safely at home starting for the herbs found in your kitchen.

It is the mark of wisdom to prevent things from getting worse instead of struggling to mend them after they assume monstrous forms. The same applies to colon bloating too. Keep your colon healthy and disease-free and your life will proceed smoothly, without illnesses and breakdowns showing their ugly head.


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