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Colon cleanse - Overview

Colon cleanse detox means cleaning the colon or eliminating the toxic wastes from the body.Below is an extensive overview about natural colon cleanse.

colon cleansing diets:

To keep your health intact, it is necessary to have frequent bowel movements. Your health will be prone to several problems, if there are irregular bowel movements. It is necessary to have one bowel movement each day. The absence of bowel movements may lead to various forms of diseases such as irritation and stomachache.

Foods that contain processed sugar, antibiotics, meat, and white flour are very harmful to the body and constitute to excess amount of toxins in the body. You may cause a lot of harm to the body with the intake of these foods. This is of the root cause for
skin rush and allergies, so performing colon cleansing diets aids curing your allergies.

Colon cleanse gives the colon a chance to rebuild on its own and maintain its proper functioning. Proper colon cleanse helps in rejuvenating the complete digestive system. This results in efficient functioning of the colon and a healthy colon helps mind and body. Hence, it is vital to remove all the toxins and congestion from your body. The best way to do this is by cleaning the colon.

A small layer of mucoid plague constitutes in weakening the body. Most of the Americans have thick mucoid plagues. A healthy colon will weigh around 4 pounds. A regular colon cleanse or colon-cleansing program helps your body in balancing the health by eliminating huge amounts of mucoid plague.

The best way to detoxify the body is by changing your lifestyle. For instance, begin by making changes in the food that you eat. Increase the intake of raw vegetables and fruits in the diet on a regular basis. Avoid cooked food as much as you can. This cleans the digestive system by decreasing mucoid plague. You will have to eliminate and remove toxins from the body regularly. This will ensure better digestion of foods and its utilization in various processes of the body.

The process of colon cleansing includes intake of various supplements and fasting. You will have to start a proper colon-cleansing program by eliminating the waste from the colon and ultimately from your body. If you clean the blood, lymph system and avoid cleaning the colon, your bowel will remain choked with waste and there is a high possibility of toxins getting recycled and accumulating.

You may get prone to diseases such as diarrhea and constipation owing to the remaining waste in the body. A customary

Colon cleansing recipe


  • Fasting, raw vegetables or fruits, juices laxative teas
  • Bentonite clay
  • Probiotics to build the colon flora up after the cleanse
  • colon cleansing herbs

Beside homemade colon cleanse recipes,
there are several commercial products available:

Body Detoxification:

The process of detoxification involves elimination of toxins from various parts of the body, specifically from the colon. It also means transforming, neutralizing or clearing congestion and excessive mucus. Most of the toxins present in the body foster because of exposure to chronic and acute environment, excessive drug or medicinal use and unhealthy diets.

Body Detoxification involves lifestyle and dietary changes that help in reduction of toxins intake that in turn improves the elimination process. You need to avoid food, which contains certain chemicals that help in the formation of harmful toxins.

Avoid caffeine, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, refined and processed food and various drugs or medicines that increase the content of toxins in the body. These types of lifestyle changes have a positive effect on your health and help to make proper choices in terms of food.

how to stop constipation:

It is the most frequent problem that people face due to irregular bowel movements. You may face constipated problems, if elimination of toxic elements or waste from your body takes a long time. The transit time needs to be very less, because the more time it takes, the more toxic waste stays inside the bowel for a long time.

This allows in fermenting, putrefying of toxins in the bowel. The more your body is exposed to outside elements such as putrefying foods, the more are the possibilities of contracting a disease.

Even if you have one bowel movement per day, there is a high possibility of toxins gathering in the colon. The introduction of diseases begins due to toxic bowel. Poor or infrequent bowel movements that occur continuously are very dangerous to the health.

Kidney Cleanse:

The procedure of cleansing the kidney requires an individual to consume lots of water and eating a healthy diet. If you eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, it is more than enough to maintain healthy kidneys.

Next, cleaning the colon adds to its efficient functioning, if you fast with juice or any other natural form of liquid, these are considered as good cleansers. However, the easiest way to clean the kidney is to consume watermelons, sit in the tub full of water, intake plenty of water, and frequently empty the bladder. This procedure has helped many people get rid of stones. People suffering from diabetes need to avoid this type of kidney cleansing method.

Colon Cancer:

Several factors lead an individual towards this type of cancer. Hereditary is one important factor causing colon cancer. If a relative in the family suffers from this cancer, the possibility that you may contract the disease is very high.

Other than heredity, smoking, diets containing huge amounts of red meat and animal fat, and diets lacking sufficient quantities of fiber, increase in alcohol consumption may also lead to this type of cancer. Colon cancer may also occur due to history of pelvic reduction. Patients of colon cancer are also prone to diabetes.

Certain common symptoms of colon cancer are as follows:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Low physical activity
  3. Acidity and gastric problems
  4. Abdominal pain
  5. Bleeding in the rectum
  6. regular Vomiting
  7. Continuous constipation
  8. Feeling of fullness or bloating
  9. Change in the pattern of bowel movement
  10. Constant fatigue

The colon cancer is usually found in the muscular part or rectum from where spreads to deeper layers of the colon wall or rectum. After which, it moves toward the lymph nodes and finally it spreads to other parts of the body.

colon cancer prevention:

The cancer of the colon is curable and preventable, if detected at an early stage. Frequent screening helps in determining polyps before they transform into cancer. The screening procedure involves the doctor inserting a finger covered with gloves inside the rectum to get a feel of the abnormal area. Samples of stool are tested to check if there is any hidden blood in the body.

Treatment: There is only one method to cure colon cancer and that is surgery.

Liver flush:

Liver flush and body colon cleanse are very important to remove the toxic elements from the body. People who use colon cleansers mainly suffer from parasite infection, infertility, bloating and fatigue. You may be amazed to know that the blood to various parts of the body comes from the colon.

If there is sluggishness in the large intestine, you will have problems in eliminating the waste or toxins from the body. This results in hardened stools that build up as toxins and get absorbed in the colon and blood stream and passes through liver. The liver performs various procedures to clean the system and takes help from the healthy colon to throw the toxins away from your body to maintain a healthy liver.


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