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The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs

The master cleanse not only helps you to look younger and increases your strength and stamina, but it helps you to break unhealthy habits, gives you a major energy boost, increases your mental clarity and focus.

The master cleanse is also referred to with aliases like Lemonade Diet, lemonade fasting, master cleanser or master lemon cleanse. It is a internal cleanse. Stanley Burroughs created the program in the year 1940 to cure stomach ulcer. Later in the year 1970, Stanley launched a book about it, stating that this cleansing program not only cures stomach ulcers, but also cleanses your colon, reduces body weight, and also treats other disorders. In the year 2000 Peter Glickman wrote a book about weight loss and the master cleanse.

A word of caution: It is not a diet - it is a detox procedure.
You have to expect some discomfort during the cleansing process.

Purpose of the lemonade diet:

  • Eliminate toxins and congestion that is stored in any part of your body.
  • Cleanse the digestive system and your kidneys
  • Clears the cells throughout your whole body
  • Assists in building a healthy blood stream
  • Keep your elasticity and youth

Beside a natural colon cleanse and kidney cleanse it is THE allergies cure. This is well known in celebrity circles, even Ophra Winfrey does a 21 day detox once a year.

Any body detoxification procedure assists your immune system to reduce toxins in the body. Allergies are often a sign of an unhealthy colon flora. A colon cleanse or bowel cleanse helps you to keep your colon clean. The Master cleanse diet helps to reduce the toxins, and eliminate the waste inside your colon if you combine it with a salt water flush. A colon detox diet is more radical than the master cleanse.

Other benefits of the master cleanse include increase in energy levels, makes you feel as well as look younger. Master cleanse diet is also called as lemonade diet. People need to follow this diet for ten days at least. Stanley claimed that users might lose up to 20lbs of body weight, if they use master cleanse.

For instance, normally individuals consume 2,150 calories, while the requirement is of 1500 calories. Thus, if you select master cleanse programs for colon cleansing you can lose up to 650 calories each day. That means you lose 3 pounds a week. Master cleansing includes consuming only the lemonade diet. You need to substitute your diet with lemonade to aid instant colon cleansing.

Apart from this, master cleanse kit also comes along with tips. Thus, you will know how to avert side effects, what to do after detoxification, avoid foodstuffs that may cause allergies, and getting rid of bad eating habits.

What Does the Master Cleanser Program Include?

As stated earlier, the master cleanse consists of lemon juice fast. The Lemonade diet recipe in turn includes fresh vegetables, fruits and ingredients, which are ideal for improving your overall health. It is a nontoxic diet.

Master cleanse recipe includes, per glass:

  • Two tablespoon of fresh squeezed organic lemon or lime juice
  • Two tablespoon of grade b maple syrup
  • If you are an diabetic you can substitue the maple syrup with Agave Nectar and Molasses.
    The Glycemic index for maple syrup is 54 and Agave has 27, Molasse has 70.
  • a half teaspoon of ground pepper (red pepper/cayenne pepper)
  • 10 oz of pure water (spring water)

Each day, you should produce the enough lemon juice for 12 Glasses.
It is recommended that you drink a laxative tea and you do daily salt water flushes during the cleansing procedure.

Organic lemons are those, which are not treated with pesticide. You may also add lemon pulp to give some zest to the drink, for beginners only. To Avoid sores in the mouth you should drink the mixture through a straw.

Master cleanse includes using of maple syrup of grade b, because it contains more nutrients as compared to grade a. Slightly heat cayenne pepper on pan, crush it and add it to the drink. You can dissolve all these ingredients in lukewarm water rather than in plain water.

Stanley states that instead of lemonade, you can use sugarcane juice. You need to add the same ingredients in the sugarcane juice and consume it. Drink around 6-12 glasses of this juice daily.

In addition, if you do not have liking for maple syrup, then you can substitute it with equal amount of organic sugarcane juice.

You need to mix all these ingredients and make a smooth and palatable drink. This drink does not render any side effects, as other detox products or shakes do. People become apprehensive initially, because they think it is difficult to survive on such diet. They even think that transition from master diet to solid food diet, after the completion of diet program will also be not so easy. However, this diet program is made to give you sufficient amount of energy and calories.

You need to be on this diet for a minimum of 10 days, but you can extend this phase to 40 days also. Stanley said that this idea is based on the concept that Jesus fasted for 40 days after attaining baptism. It is usefull to keep a master cleanse journal, so you can compare, when you do the internal cleanse a second time.

Each glass of lemon cleanse drink that you drink gives you around 110 calories, so that you will not run out of energy. Apart from this, drink herbal tea at night and drink salt-water quart after getting up in the morning. Therefore, if you wish to opt for master cleansing program you may take 10 days off from your work, because you will have several bowel movements each day.

When you complete the master cleanse by Stanley Burroughs diet, you will have undergone a total transformation. In addition, the main thing is that you will not eat junk foods and oily eatables hereafter. Many people have turned vegetarian following a master cleanse program.

Does It Really Work?

Stanley Burroughs lemonade diet is highly effective. The reason is when your body undergoes a 10-day cleansing diet, the cleansing materials remove toxins, bacteria, and old fecal materials away from the body. You start feeling alert, fresh, and active, develop more energy and even feel confident and happier. Thus, along with your body, the mind also starts reacting positively.

Many celebrities use Stanley's master cleansing products on regularly basis. However, the only thing is that you need not consume many glasses of juice at one time. Keep regular intervals between each drink, as the detox agents will act gently to eliminate the waste from the body.

Master Cleansing - Manual Process

The day you start the program, drink salt-water quart in the morning before drinking lemonade. Later, all throughout the day, drink at least twelve glasses of master cleanse drink. If your aim is to lose weight, then drink six glasses of lemonade also.

If you want to cleanse your colon thoroughly, drink twelve glasses of lemonade. In addition, drink some herbal tea in the evening or at night. Follow this master cleanse program procedure for ten days.

Initially, you may feel dizziness, weakness, vomiting or joint pain. You will feel hungry but after few days, you will enter a state of tranquility, because by then your body had already discharged toxins out.

Post Master Cleansing:

You can break the cleansing program on the 11th day by drinking some glasses of juice, preferably orange juice. Sip the juice slowly, because your digestive system has got used to fluids, so if you consume solid after instantly, you will develop stomach upset.

Maintain this routine for two days, on third day, consume orange juice in morning, and have raw fruits or salads for lunch as well as dinner. On the fourth day, you can start eating the normal diet. Avoid eating meat, eggs, pastries, coffee, milk, fish, and bread for the first four days. Instead, you can have a vegetable soup and rye crackers.

Things to avoid while on The Master Cleanse Program:

Stanley advises that individuals, who are undergoing the master cleanse program need not use honey in lemonade at all. If you mix honey in lemonade, cramps may develop in your stomach and you may start vomiting.

Also, do not take any vitamin pills, supplements, or illicit drugs. If you are under medication, then postpone the cleansing program and consult a doctor. Next, do not drink coffee, tea, beverages, alcohol or smoke cigarettes during this process. Another benefit of this program is that, your liking for such things will disappear eventually. You can consume plain water, mint or herbal laxative tea.

Body detoxification symptoms:

Any cleanse produces positive stress for your body. The first detox symtoms can be expected 24 hours after the first detox day.
Your body has to understand that it can release toxins. That is why it might take this time period.
The cleanse effects your physical and your mental well being. The release of toxins can have some side effects like insomnia, cravings, nausea, hair loss depressed mood,...
You might get feelings of tiredness or fatigue, during any diet that limits your food consumption, take these kinds of feelings easy.
If you are getting too tired, reduce any of your normal activity and give your body a rest, that does not mean to stay the whole time in bed.

Water is the best accelerator for the detoxification process, by drinking plenty of water you assist your body in its self
healing. Toxins are "stored" somewhere in your body, to protect your body, when your body notices, that you are
performing a cleanse, it releases the stored toxins. Often headaches appear during this release period.
Any water fast is tied to these side effects.

For Diabetics:

Do NOT do it without the consultation of a doctor that knows the diabetic alternatives and has observed such a cleanse already. It is too risky.


If you wish to detoxify your body, then instead of using ineffective products, opt for this master cleanse program. You will notice the change and obtain good results from the day one itself. What more, the total time it takes to clean your body is only 10 days.

All that you need to do is substitute your present diet with master diet for few days, and see the results. You will certainly feel well and lose weight naturally.

Thus, The Master cleanser by Stanley Burroughs is a powerful diet plan, which detoxifies your body thoroughly to give you an improved and healthy life.
Certainly it is not for loosing weight, this can be proven by Beyonce Knowles
statement 2006 :"I wouldn't recommend it as a diet... there are other ways to lose weight."



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