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The Cleanse

The Cleanse or master cleanse was developed by Stanley Burroughs to cure stomach ulcers. However, the primary benefits of this program are that it detoxifies the body thoroughly and aids weight loss.

It increases overall health and helps you to remain active. It is a herbal colon cleansing program that helps to detox the whole body.

Individuals have to follow this diet for 10 days. Successful users of this diet have witnessed complete transformation within themselves.

Apart from these, the purpose of master cleanse is as follows:

1. It breaks up and eliminates harmful substances as well as congestions present in the body.
2. It cleans the digestive system and kidneys
3. It gets rid of all the unusable waste materials, which are hardened in muscles and joints
4. It removes toxins from blood stream
5. It also keeps the skin firm and youthful, irrespective of your age

At present, many people live a hectic and toxic life. The food that you consume contains plenty of toxic chemicals. With so much of stress, the liver, colon, gall bladder and kidneys are the worst sufferers. Hence, total detoxification is necessary. With sedentary lifestyle, many people become obese. Hence, if you want to stay healthy, remain active and live for long years, opt for a cleansing program.

You can buy a master cleanse kit. This kit contains organic maple syrup of grade B, formaldehyde, cayenne peeper (organic form),fresh lemons, laxative tea (herbal laxative), natural mint tea, decaffeinated green tea, white tea, sea salt, or Epsom salt. The kit also gives several measuring bottles for lemonade.

Master cleanse / cayenne pepper lemon diet Recipe:

The master cleanse diet, lemonade cleanse is easy to prepare. You need to consume at least 60 oz of lemonade each day. However, you may even drink more than that.

To prepare the recipe for single serving take two tablespoon of fresh handmade lemon juice (equivalent to ½ lemon), two tablespoon of genuine maple syrup( organic), 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and mix the ingredients in 10 oz of hot water. You may also use cold water instead of hot water.

The purpose of drinking lemonade is that it is quickly assimilated in the body. It contains high amount of vitamins, cationic as well as anionic vitamins. It breaks up the mucus constituents in the body. Mucus is the body's natural ability to defend itself from certain irritations and allergies, but presence of too much of mucus may invite disease.

Cayenne pepper is also an imperative ingredient, which breaks up mucus and cleanses the digestive tract, respiratory system as well as circulatory system.

Maple syrup offers energy to the body, as it contains unprocessed sugar. Herbal tea stimulates the colon. Such tea contains high fiber. It also eliminates the waste material from the wall of colon.

After, Master Cleanse:

After you complete the master cleanse program, you need to follow a certain recommended procedure to break the fast. On the first day, you need to drink only orange juice. On the second day, you need to consume orange juice as well as vegetable soup. You may take salads, vegetables and fruits on day three. On the fourth day, you may start eating normal diet. However, try to eat only vegetarian foods for ten days, after which you may gradually start eating non-vegetarian foods.

How Do Users Feel After Undergoing the Cleanse Program?

Some people may experience dizziness or may feel extremely hungry during the program. However, loose stool, dizziness, hungry feeling are initial symptoms and will fade out eventually. This is called the healing crisis and comes with all body detox methods.

While on the master cleanse program, you will get recurrent bowel movements. However, benefits of the cleanse program are immense as compared to its initial perturbing symptoms.

Many users say that they feel active, energetic after undergoing the program. Some say they have gained better mental clarity after the master cleanse program. It in turn renders positive effect on overall health.

One form of body detoxification is fasting, try ajuice fasting procedure.


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