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Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet, also known as the Master Cleanse or the Master Cleanser, is a juice cleanse formulated by Stanley Burroughs in the year 1940. He published the book in the year 1976 and it is now available at many bookstores in the alternative health care section. This book states that, a detox diet is an essential part for a healthy body.

Those who wish cleanse their bodies of toxins and chemicals mostly used the Master Cleanse system of detoxification. Its popularity has mounted to a great level by word of mouth as well as through online testimonials.

While people still follow up it to improve their health conditions, it has also gained more popularity in recent days amid people, who want fast weight loss. Even some celebrated have stated publicly that they have attempted this diet.

What exactly it is?

While people still follow up it to improve their health conditions, it has also gained more popularity in recent days amid people, who want fast weight loss. Even some celebrated have stated publicly that they have attempted this diet.

The main intend of using lemons and maple syrup is that they are available readily at all grocery stores and are rich source of minerals and vitamins. In fact, lemon is a cleansing and remedial food. While maple syrup and lemon juice do include some minerals and vitamins, but many other foodstuffs also have similar or more amount of minerals or vitamins. For instance, lemon contains high level of potassium, but at the same time, a banana contains the same level of potassium.
The detox diet helps to cleanse your whole body. To do the cleansing diet you have to repeat the detox process at least 10 days. Beside some healing crisis and detoxification effects, no side effects are known.

Lemon Juice Diet Pros and Cons:

This diet also comes with some good and bad features. For instance, it helps you to get rid of accumulated unwanted toxins from your body. In addition, it helps in preventing digestive disorders. People who have followed up the Master Cleanse diet felt overall development in their physical conditions. They felt vibrant and complaint less about pains and ailments. They found a more glowing skin, which is less susceptible to blisters.

On the other hand, this diet regime also has its own bad facets. For instance, when you undergo this diet, you may start feeling certain fallouts such as body aches or headaches. A few people, who wish to attain better low-fat effect, actually opt for this diet for more than one month, but this is not advisable. Because, in doing so, you may get addicted to this diet for detoxification purposes all the time. Hence, two to three times in a year is generally advisable for sufficient body cleansing. In addition, for pregnant and breastfeeding women, or anyone under medications, this diet is strictly not advisable.

When you are following the Lemonade Diet, avoid drinking coffee, tea, carbonated soda or even alcohol, since these will disrupt your cleansing process. And after the diet avoid, low carb pasta, chocolate shakes, all sweet poison that contains sugar. As Sugar creates fungus in a well detox ed body. It is a good idea to start a nutrition journal for at least one month, to stay cleansed.

It helps you not only to detox your body, you can break your unhealthy habits, as you have to arrange your day around the detox procedure, while performing it. So you can use the time while you are writing your nutrition journal to extend it to a goal monitoring journal. So you can balance your body and your mind. Often we tend to forget which good things happened to us during the day.

For the cleansing professionals: At the end of the master cleanse you could do a coffee enema to help your colon to eliminate the rest of the garbage inside it.


While several people lose considerable weight, while on this diet, but still there are many unsuccessful people. In fact, this is a cleansing diet, and hence you have to approach it in a specified manner. If you really want to have an easy and pleasant detoxifying diet to get rid of your body waste, then this diet is 100% perfect and you will certainly not lose much of your body weight. If you want to loose a lot of weight and detoxify your body, try a salt water flush.

After any cleanse it is recommended to take some probiotics to help the colon to build up a good flora again. Beside the diet you should be on mental diet too. Stop watching TV and reading newspapers during the procedure, concentrate on yourself. The emotions and thought that come up during the cleanse are part of the cleansing procedure, some ancient cultures have it part of their culture, and use this cleansing times to honor the pain they have suffered.

However, once you completed the master cleanse lemonade diet recipe successfully, you do have a clean internal body system that is free from unwanted toxins. More significantly, you will feel healthier and rejuvenated than before and perhaps changed some bad habits. Peter Glickman and robin quivers have written books about the master cleanse.


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