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Salt Water Flush

A good bath is necessary to remove all the dirt and dust form your body. Similarly, Master Cleanse diet advocators imply that you also need to clean yourself from inside too. One method to clean the body form within is the salt water flush. You may relate the working of this method to the flushing of a car radiator. This method helps in removing all the toxins, waste build up and trash from the body.

You may wonder that a laxative or enema from a local drug store may do the trick of clearing your body of all the waste. However, the fact is laxative or enema only helps to clean the colon, which is a small component of the intestines.

The salt-water method is much better than laxatives or enemas, since it cleanses the entire digestive tract. The salt-water method is also comparatively cheaper than other colon cleansing products.

Things You Need

You may also have a doubt that is it possible to do the salt-water method at home or is it necessary to have a doctor's assistance for practicing this method. The answer is no. You may carry out this procedure at home effectively by using ingredients that you use on daily basis, and which are easily available at home. The only thing that you need is actual sea salt. You need to take care that you use sea salt and not regular salt for this procedure. The reason for this is regular salt may not show proper results as compared to sea salt.

A Saltwater flush is a simple method. All you have to do is to get up early in the morning, prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and add two teaspoons of sea salt. Drink the mixture before eating anything. In an hour's time, you may have a number of bowel movements. In case there is no bowel movement, you need to add bit more quantity of salt to the mixture or drink more water to help in the flushing process. This method is safe, as your body does not become dependent on the procedure as compared to chemical laxatives.

Things to Remember before Salt-water flush Procedure

In case you are facing constipation problems, it is better to use an herbal laxative for a period of one to two days before the salt-water flush procedure. While following the salt-water procedure, you need to avoid consuming alcohol and spicy foods.

Salt Water Flush Cleanse:

The procedure of salt water flush is as follows:

1. You need to wake up early in the morning between 5-7 am and drink the entire two quarts of concoction at once. In case you feel full, you may do some light exercises and keep sipping the concoction.

2. Continue this routine for a week. While following the procedure, you need to eat simple and light food. If you want to continue the cleansing process further, you need to drink two quarts of mixture every alternate morning for the second week and after every three days, in case you follow it for three weeks.

3. When you stop the salt-water method, steadily revert to your normal diet. In case your diet consists of spicy or fried foods, you may introduce them in your diet gradually. Apart from your normal diet, you need to include foods such as nuts, vegetables, fruits and salads in your diet.

4. You may repeat the salt-water process once every week to help keep your body clean.


Hence, if you feel exhausted, relieve your body by following the salt water flush procedure, which will also help in cleansing your body. The outcome of this procedure is a better digestive system and a cleaner body internally as well as externally. If you get hungry you might drink a herbal laxative tea.


During a salt water flush your tongue color might change...that is part of the detoxification process.

For experts only:
An advanced form of this flush is the hawaian colon cleanse, per 15 kg body weight you take 1 liter of salty water in the morning, 60kg means 4 liters of salty water.
And you repeat this procedure at lunch time again.
Followed by one cup of water with one or two tablespoons of psylium husk. Repeat this for 9 days and you have a complete baby like intestine system.
This cleanses everything, parasites...toxins...fungus...candida...

But a word of caution, this is only for cleansing experts, as you have a hefty healing crisis with emotional rollercoaster.

Before you do try this method, allow yourself to undergo a gentle body detox method:
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