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Colon cleanse recipe

A body is said to be healthy and fit if it is clean internally and externally. The way you keep your home neat and clean, the same way the body should be kept it neat and clean internally as well as externally.

There are so many pollutants and toxic elements present in the environment present these days and they greatly harm your body even without your knowledge. The body gets prone to this and these elements then make the body their home. This realization comes when the body suffers from some unusual pain or ache.

This pain can be stomach ache, headache, bad breath and many other problems. The presence of parasites and other toxins in your body is found out through these illnesses. Colon cleanse is one way of ensuring the healthy functioning of your body.

Colon is termed as the drainage system of our body. If this system blocks them you can imagine the problems that occur. To clean the colon it is not necessary to go for expensive medication. In fact this can be done while sitting at home. But to undergo this homemade therapy it is really necessary to follow a strict schedule. Also you must know what you are doing and be able to follow this diet strictly.  

Let us get to know a few colon cleansing recipes and tips. The first step is that your diet should have lots and lots of roughage to maintain the cycle of bowel movement and to reduce the fats accumulated in the body.

Another step is to drink lots and lots of water in order to increase the consumption in the body and to keep the body hydrated. This will also keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Herbs are also present in the market for colon cleansing. These are a few colon cleansing recipes that have been tested for centuries. The herbs that are proved to be really beneficial for this process are:

  • Aloe leaf
  • senna
  • cascara sagrada
  • ginger
  • cayenne pepper.

Colon cleansing contains some part of bitter part to promote the bile flow properly from the liver. This is also one part of the detoxification. Fennel and garlic kill bacteria and prevent gas formation. These plants also kill parasites thus improving the function of colon muscles.

While taking up this course of colon cleansing don’t forget to take the fiber in the form of wheat, oat, barley, cereals in the breakfast. They will give you energy and the system will also improve. The colon cleaning changes your lifestyle and this lifestyle will have more and more healthy and nutritious food in your diet.

A great recipe for colon cleansing:

Take apple juice add spring water in it along with 1 table spoon Bentonite clay liquid and colofiber, psyllium husk seeds.
Mix this thoroughly till a thick mixture is formed.
Drink this and follow it with another drink which can be made by mixing 1 table spoon honey, 10 oz spring water and 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

So you see this is not the tastiest drink but it helps you to keep your colon in shape. Beside making a colon diet, you could use an Emea.

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