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Whole Body Detox

In today's unhygienic, unhealthy climate, and of course with the busy schedules, it is a bit difficult to maintain a healthy body. All poisonous chemicals and toxic substances that are emitted by industries and automobiles enter directly into our body causing various disorders, sometimes even death.

A whole body detox is an easy and simple cleanse, which involves basic diet of fruits, vegetables, herbs to remove those toxins naturally from your body. Your body detox during any relaxation period, when it do not has to fight old garbage that is already in your system. The full body detoxification helps the body to relax in the long run.

It is imperative to eliminate these toxic substances, since they may have a drastic effect on an individual's body. For instance, they slowdown your metabolism level and your organs tend to function improperly. Hence, it is highly suggested to opt for a full body detox. This complete detoxification of your whole body brings many benefits not only to your body but to your general health.

For instance, it greatly helps in eliminating excessive fats stored in your body, so that you lose unwanted weight naturally. In addition, it helps your vital organs to function more efficiently to feel vigorous. Many individuals even report a more clean skin and feel revitalized completely after having a whole body detox.

There are many ways to have a complete body detox. The popularity of detox itself shows how successful it is amongst people, who are in desperate need of detoxifying their bodies. It is a wise idea to consult a qualified medical practitioner before taking any kind of detox.

In addition, it is crucial to ascertain your overall health conditions to ensure you are strong enough to go for complete body detoxification. Generally, a complete body detox lasts only for two or three weeks. In the end, you feel energetic and more active than before. By this, not only your body builds up natural and healthy nutrients, but also eliminates unhealthy toxins stored in your body.

Which Organs Have to Be Detoxified?

Internal cleansing is one effective way to detox your whole body. It consists of colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, gallbladder cleanse and liver cleanse. These are major elements for your overall body detoxification. Proper detoxification of toxins and parasites help your body's resources to effectively combat against disorders. In addition, body cleansing helps in clearing up those inexplicable symptoms, which modern medications are only capable to hide.

Why you need to detox toxins mainly on colon, liver, kidneys and teeth? The colon, liver, kidneys and teeth are the most important organs and they play a vital role in eliminating waste and toxic substances from your body. If they do not function properly, there are chances of accumulating toxins in your body. Hence, detoxifying of these organs and freeing your body from parasites is the key to maintain your healthy body well.

Colon plays a crucial role in overall health of your body. A detrimental colon may cause health problems and affect your heart, liver, brain and other organs. Conditions such as colitis and Crohn's diseases are symptoms of a detrimental colon. Hence, a colon cleanse may prevent such disorders.

Kidneys are the most vital organs in your body. Urinary tract infections and kidney stones are most common warning symptoms of detrimental kidneys. Hence, detoxifying kidneys as part of your overall body detox will greatly improve the long-term wellbeing of these crucial organs.

Liver does many functions, which are essential to keep up good health. As the liver performs several tasks, there is a chance of being damaged and an unhealthy liver may affect every single organ of your body. Unhealthy liver mostly comes into view by symptoms such as poor immune system, famine, allergies and gallstones. Hence, liver detoxification makes your liver to function better.

How to Detoxify Your Whole Body?

Below discussed are some effective ways by which you can detoxify your entire body:

Fasting, a simple cleanse

While food is crucial to health, unlike water, human bodies can also survive without food for a longer period. Yes, you can do fasting at least for 3 days to eliminate unwanted substances from your body. Understand your body burns up great in energy processing and digesting food.

While fasting, your body does its job securely and properly. Hence, you do not have to bother about detoxification, since your body has inbuilt system to oust toxins from your body. In fact, this is one of the effective methods that experts suggest for body cleansing.


It is also known as the heat therapy, sweat therapy or fever therapy. It greatly helps you in detoxifying your whole body and heals itself. It is also one of the most promising and natural detoxification methods to expel toxins from your body. In fact, it reduces harmful toxins, kills harmful viruses, helps clean clogged pores, increases circulation and enhances your immune system.

Oxygen Therapy:

Another effective way of a complete body detox is by oxygen therapy. Oxygen is one of the nature's marvelous cleansers that you can use very efficiently to detoxify the entire body. One simplest way to administer oxygen therapy is by mere deep breathing exercises. Another way of oxygen therapy is hydrogen peroxide therapy.


You can also detoxify your entire body through proper and regular workouts. It is an effective way to cleanse vital organs and at the same time, you have to make them as a routine part of your healthy life. In fact, exercise increases supply of oxygen and raises body temperature.

Natural diet:
Once you have done any body detox please change your eating habits. Start the day with a healthy fruit rich breakfast, this way not only your body gets vitamins, you set your mind looking forward to have a healthy day. Simple rule of thumb, take 2 fruits a day.


Whole body detox is very beneficial, since harmful chemical substances in the diet may cause headache, fatigue, or nausea. There are myriads of detox diets available in the market. The main idea is to momentarily relinquish certain diets that contain toxins such as sugar, meat, white flour, dairy food and caffeine.

Of course, you ought to refrain from taking non-medicinal narcotics and alcohol. Usually, these diets start with a short-term fasting followed by a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruit juices, fruits and water. The best diet to detoxify your entire body is fruits and veggies, whole grains, ample sources of unsaturated fats protein. You can also include regular workout plans and certain stress reduction programs to detoxify your entire body.

Some regimes suggest herbal laxatives or herbal teas for natural bowel cleansing. The duration of these regimens ranges from one week to ten days. A few people say that they feel better, focused and vibrant after and during a full body detox. This is perhaps due to the conviction that they are practicing something that is good for their bodies. However, it may be also because of not eating too heavily, since these regimens also include juice fasting or water fasting for at least seven days. In fact, calorie restriction leads to intense feelings of mental well-being.

There are ample of ways to detoxify your whole body such as detox body wrap, sugar detox, liver cleansing and various other detoxifying products. Ensure that you detoxify your whole body well and get adequate sleep. It is the ideal way to get ultimate boost to your body with plenty of energy.

Watch Out:

Early side effects of starvations such as juice fasting or water fasting include pains, since sudden drop in blood pressure or prolonged fasting may result in irregular heartbeat, low blood sugar or anemia. Hence, you have to consult a physician before undergoing whole body detox or fasting.


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