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Full Body Detox

A Full body detox helps you to loose many pounds, but it is not designed for loosing weight, it is designed, to help your body to recharge. In our polluted world, we have nearly no access to unprocessed natural food, everything contains some chemicals and toxins. Our Body is not able to detox this by itself. So it starts to pile up the toxins inside the body. Full body detoxification helps your body to rejuvenate, it helps your organs to get rid of this toxins and to recharge your immune system. A recharged body is able to digest better and to process the food better.

Our body is designed to maintain the health for himself, but the design is based on evolutionary facts that are not comparable to our modern society, thousand years ago, there was no medication, air-pollution, preprocessed food. Eating normally means getting toxins inside our body. Western medicine use toxins(chemicals) to treat the symptoms of a malfunctionan body. Our body is simply not evolved enough to deal with the pollutants our toxic, stressful society.

A Body detox program can start at the colon and move on to the liver and kidneys, several commercial prepacked recipies, tackle several organs at a one time.

Why should you do detox your body?

Even healtyh persons have a hard time to eliminate the toxins, chemicals and unwanted pollutants by eating and drinking, normal food. You have to do some body detox program to help your body to get rid or this unwanted toxins. If you think exercise, diet and drinking enough walter detox body, you are only partly right. This is a good foundation, but there are too many toxins in air, water and food. So you have to do more than a healthy diet. Did you know graveyards have a higher toxic contaminated soil than a waste site, think about that!

What to do if you want to detox full body? - The detox plan:

You could start by reducing any form of sugar in your drinks. Yes, this means only plain water without bubbles, tea and organic juices for drinking. This could be a first step. The next step would to do a colon cleanse followed some probiotics to rebuild the colon flora. The next cleanse could be a liver cleanse. Colon cleansing removes all the unprocessed stuff that is still in your colon. Liver cleansing removes the cocooned toxins inside the liver. Warning: Only if your liver is at normal state you can do a liver cleanse, consult a physician before you do a liver cleansing procedure.

Every full body detoxification will put you in a healing crisis, thats part of the deal.

There is a big difference between a Full Body detox and a quick fix 3 Day cleanse. A sustainable body detox program breaks the cycle of toxic conditions inside the body, by removing the waste from the colon and removing the toxins that are already piled up inside other intestines. To keep a state of full energy after the full body detox you have to watch this detox plan:

  • regular cleansing at least once a year
  • no white suggar
  • Body Ph Level
  • Healthy Organic Living
  • Nutritions and Organic Foods
  • positive Mindest


Body Detox

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