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The Miraculous Lemons Detox Diet

There are many different detox diets on the market. Some may be difficult to follow, and involve some very serious drink mixes. This is not the lemon detox diet.

This diet consists of fresh water, pure lemon juice, cayenne pepper and natural maple tree syrup.

The acid in the lemons assists the cleansing process, and cayenne pepper helps speed up your metabolism, promoting circulation and greater release of toxins from our body.

This lemon detox diet will help cleanse your body, lose weight quickly and feel better together. The Lemon Detox is one of the most popular around detoxes. This program helps the body detoxify naturally flexible accumulated toxins. It is safe, natural and contains no chemical treatments.

Whether you want to do a complete rehab, or support arrangements while you, the lemon detox can help your organization reach their optimum health and weight.

Lemon detox diet focuses on the contribution of syrup made from palm trees and organic maple namely mixed with lime juice and pepper powder for 7-10 days continuously.

Reports suggest that the plan is the fastest system that can produce results on the fly. Couple of important implications that you would be able to get a detox diet lemon:

  • You can clean the toxins in your body with ease
  • You can expect a rapid weight loss

The syrup contained in the lemon detox drink is rich in sugar. This serves as an energy source and help in the fight against hunger. A tall glass of the drink is said to contain 70 calories of energy. The drink has been proven to be rich in zinc and calcium which are very vital for the cleansing action.

The Lemon detox drink is reported to supply the body with essential nutrients and minerals throughout the duration of the diet.

If you intend to exercise lemon detox diet plan into your daily routine for the next week you should drink the detox drink as the only source of intake. You are allowed to take medication as advised by your dietitian. Do not feel tense, if you're feeling a little dizzy.

This may be due to the entry into force of the expulsion of toxins from your body. You can always opt for light exercises because they can accelerate the blood flow and the rate of expulsion of toxins. Be aware that it is really precarious jump in the normal diet soon after the lemon detox diet.

The transition back to normal should be gradual. Thus, after the lemon detox diet rigorous, you should gradually increase your normal food intake; start with fruit juices and lighter food. Then, try to step back to normal diet slowly. Although lemon detox diet is fast and easy to follow, it would not be the safest for dieters amateur and inexperienced.

Better consult your doctor before you dive into the lemon detox diet.

The Lemon detox diet - method

  • Step 1 Take your drinking glass and fill halfway up with 4 oz of very cold water.
  • Step 2 Take your half of fresh lemon and squeeze the juice into the drinking glass, making sure to leave the pulp and seeds.
  • Step 3 Add 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup.
  • Step 4 Just add a pinch of your choice of pepper or ground ginger to your drinking glass.
  • Step 5 Take your spoon and mix well.
  • Step 6 Add another 4 ounces of cold water to your drinking glass. Mix again.
  • Step 7 Drink this 8 oz Detox Drink a minimum of six to eight times daily for seven to fourteen days for maximum results in weight loss.


The lemon detox diet is the easiest drinking diet ever for detoxification. It is also easy to make. So enjoy your drink and the affects of it. And stay calm if you feel some dizziness at the first few days, these are detoxificaiton symptoms.


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