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Candida Yeast Fungi

Understanding It Cause And Finding Treatments

Candida yeast infection is a kind of vaginal yeast infection that causes itchiness and irritation in the areas of the vagina. Men could also get candida infection in their genital areas but since their organ is not open like that of a woman, candida infections do not really bother them as much as it bother women. Often times, men who have this type of infection would not even know that they have it since it is very rare for men to experience the symptoms that are often associated with this type of infestation.

Candida is a type of organisms that are normally found in small proportions around the vagina of women. In most cases, these organisms are just too few to cause some discomforts. However, there are times when the yeast in the vaginal area begins to grow abnormally, infection sets in.

Technically, a yeast infection in the vagina area is not really so bad or serious but it could be very uncomfortable. The itchiness is such that you would really want to scratch those infected areas even if you are in public. In some cases, women who have candida infection would find it difficult to sleep due to the itch. Discharge of sticky substances that resembles that of cottage cheese is associated with this type of infection. Serious candida infections could also cause redness, swelling and to some extent, bleeding in the genital organ of the woman and would make urinating and intercourse a painful process.

How does a woman get candida albicans infection?

There are a number of ways for women to get candida infection. Wearing tight cloths, wearing nylon underwear and drinking a lot of soda are the most common causes of candida yeast infection. In more rare cases, women could also get this type of infection by changing their soap and through intercourse with a partner who has candida infection.

Treating candida albicans infection

Candida Albicans infection is relatively easy to treat. However, it is not always advisable to get one of those quick fix antibiotics for the drug store when you have candida infection. Although antibiotics may kill the bacteria growing in your genital areas, the bad news about antibiotics is that it kills off all types of bacteria including the good ones. In effect, when you take antibiotics, you are actually doing two things at the same time. First, you cure the infection and second, you reduce your body’s ability to fight off infection by killing the good bacteria that could have formed anti-bodies that fights off infection. If you really want to cure your candida infection without causing more harm on your body, it would be a good idea to stick to the natural methods of fighting off candida infections.

One of the best methods of fighting off this type of infection is to use herbal medicine to clean off your genital area. Apply the herbal medicine topical. The process may still a little and would feel a bit uncomfortable but in just a few minutes, the sting would subside and you will feel a lot better. Repeat the process until you no longer feel the symptoms of candida infection.



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