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Candida Symptoms by Stages

Various symptoms can be caused by Candida which is a very dangerous bacterium. There is a specific order to which these symptoms appear.
You must know the symptoms that Candida causes and the order in which they appear to be able to discover the illness. There are five stages of illness to Candida Albica if medical treatment is not applied.

Candida Symptoms - Stage one

All the mucous membrane areas of the body including the mouth, vagina, nose and even the respiratory system are infected during the first stage.

As a result of these infections there are many secondary symptoms.

Vaginal yeast infection

The vaginal infection can lead to severe P.M.S., vaginal infections and body rashes.

Mouth infection can lead to acne and oral thrush. Respiratory and nasal infection can lead to sinusitis, tonsillitis and strep or staph infections along with recurring instances of bronchitis, mononucleosis and pneumonia.

A vicious cycle begins when treating these symptoms since antibiotics are used and these antibiotics typically kill the good flora in our body which causes Candida to grow.

Candida Symptoms - Stage two

General symptoms occur during the second stage of Candida infections such as pain, infection of the nails, muscle aches, joint pains, headaches, extreme fatigue and some systemic symptoms such as psoriasis or arthritis.
This stage can be dangerous since many will treat the pain by taking painkillers but they won’t be curing the underlying illness.

Candida Symptoms - Stage three

The symptoms become more complex and especially involved the neural system during the third stage. During this stage a patient can have a minor inability to concentrate, not being able to read or follow a television program.
However, larger problems can occur such as forgetfulness, memory loss, mental confusion, not being able to think of the words to say something and loss of previous skills. After these symptoms it is very easy for a patient to develop severe depression.

Some physical symptoms during this third stage include sleep disorders, irrational thoughts, unusual fears, phobias, panic/anxiety attacks, muscle twitching, irritability, violence, aggressive behavior and even epileptic seizures. Treating patients is extremely important at this stage in the infection.

Candida Symptoms - Stage four

In the fourth stage of Candida symptoms there is a virtual shutdown of various organ systems of the body. Every organ in the body can fail and is vulnerable to the infection. What was once a simple body rash may develop into a more severe hives or boils. The yeast at this stage of Candida can even clog capillaries which can lead to high blood pressure, numbness of extremities and easy bruising. While the hands and feet are often cold during this stage a fever can also develop.

The yeast may cause severe issues in the lungs which leaves the patient without air so a person may find it difficult to speak, sing or exercise since they aren’t getting enough oxygen. The worst thing that can happen during this stage is for the immune system to fail since the body is then unprotected from other conditions as well.

Candida Symptoms - Final Stage

In the last stage of Candida it is the equivalent of death. This is why it is extremely important that Candida be diagnosed early and that the yeast overgrowth be killed so the immune system can be allowed to regenerate.

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