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How To Prevent Candida Albica Infection

Candida albica infection affects the genital areas of most women all over the globe. Studies show that women get at least one candida albica infection is their lifetime. Many women get several candida albica infections in their lifetime that it is not really safe to take antibiotics every time there is an infection of candida albica. The best cure for this type of yeast infection is to prevent it.

How can one prevent candida albica yeast infections? First, you must understand the causes of this infection. Note that candia organisms are mostly present in the genital areas.

As long as they are just few in numbers, these organisms are generally harmless and will not bother you in anyway. However, once the organisms begin to grow abnormally, infection is more likely to set in and you will start to feel that itchy sensation outside and inside your genital organ. To prevent candida albica infection, here are some tips that could be very useful to you:

Prevent Candida Albica infection

  1. After swimming or taking a shower, make sure that your dry your vaginal areas thoroughly. You should also remember to always remove your bathing suit right after swimming. Do not be tempted to walk around in your damp swimsuits if you do not have any intentions of going back into the water. Dampness in the vaginal areas encourages the growth of bacteria so you need to make sure that you are wearing dry underwear.
  2. Avoid wearing tight clothes especially those tight fitting jeans, nylon panties, g-strings and tight pantyhose. You must always bear in mind that tight and moist areas are the best breeding grounds for bacteria. Furthermore, tight clothing could cause irritation on your vaginal areas because of the heat and the friction that that the tight clothing may cause.
  3. Wear cotton underwear and avoid using clothes made up of synthetic materials such as polyester. Synthetic undergarments can irritate your vaginal areas so it is best to avoid it all together.
  4. When using the bathroom, you should remember to wipe yourself with clean, white and unscented toilet paper. Colors and scents on toilet papers could have some irritating effects on your sensitive genital areas so try to avoid using them. You must also remember to wide yourself from front to the back area to avoid transferring some bacteria from your rectum to your vagina. Note that your vagina is open and it is easy for bacteria to cause infection.
  5. Use unscented pads and tampons during your menstrual period. You must bear in mind that during menstruation, your vaginal areas would be hot and damp which makes it a very good area breeding area for bacteria. To help you feel and clean and comfortable during these periods, make sure that you change your tampons or pads frequently to avoid build up of fluids that could cause infections.
  6. Try to eat less sugar-based products. Typically, yeast would grow faster if you have a lot of sugar in your body. If you don’t want to encourage the growth of bad bacteria inside your body, try to regulate your sugar intake. For dessert, instead of eating cakes and other sweets, try switching to fruits.

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