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Parasite Cleanse Recipe

Cleansing Your Body Naturally

Having parasites in your colon or in your intestine is not only very inconvenient it is actually very unhealthy. To get rid of all those parasites residing inside your body, you will need to cleanse your colon and your intestine every now and then. However, if you must cleanse your colon or your intestine, do not use those synthetic drugs being sold in the market nowadays.

You may not know it but there have been many reported cases of side effects on people who use synthetic drugs to cleanse their systems. Note that synthetic drugs may contain harsh chemicals that could irritate your systems and cause some symptoms such as pains, headaches, skin irritations and the likes.

To avoid cases of serious side effects and reactions to colon cleansing, experts recommend that you use natural colon cleansing recipes as opposed to those pharmaceutically manufacture colon cleansing agents. One of the best recipes for cleansing you colon of parasites is the green hull black walnut concoction. The black walnut kills parasites in the body through the oxygenation of the blood. Moreover, the black walnut balances your sugar and burn extra fats. The brown stain that you find in the green husk of the walnut contains organic iodine that is very effective when it comes to healing your body. The brown stain in the green husk of the walnut is said to have some antiseptic properties that is very good in cleansing the body.

Another Parasite Cleansing Recipe

Another effective recipe for ridding your colon of parasites is the use of pumpkin seeds. All through the years, the pumpkin seeds have been proven very effective when it comes to eliminating words in the body. Note that Native Americans have used pumpkins seeds for deworming by simply chewing the seeds.

If you don’t feel like chewing pumpkin seeds, you might want to try peppermint seeds. A lot of people would prefer to chew peppermint seeds than the pumpkin seeds simply because peppermint gives out that cool refreshing taste in your mouth. Peppermint seeds are very good when it comes to stimulating bowel movement and getting rid of those parasites. Many people who have tried chewing peppermint seeds claim that in the next few days after they started this cleansing routine, they have achieved their desired effects of purging out the parasites from their systems.  In a matter of days, most people claim that they feel clean and free from symptoms of intestinal and colon parasites.

Now, in the event where you are one of those people who do not like to chew any types of seeds, you may try drinking the juice of gentian root. In preparing this type of parasite cleanse recipe, you will need to boil some gentian roots in water to extract the juice. You may control the strength of the concoction by simply adjusting the amount of water that you put in. Gentian roots extract may not taste so good so if you cannot tolerate the taste of the plain gentian root extract, you may add a little lemon to taste.

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