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Dr. Hulda Clarke Parasite Cleanse

The Dr. Hulda Clarke parasite cleanse is available online and at many health food stores around the world. Known for her work in alternative medicine, Dr. Clarke has developed a system to rid the body of harmful parasites that invade the colon and do not want to leave. The cleanse is available in an eight day to eighteen day program that will eliminate parasites in all of their growth stages. From eggs to full grown adults, parasites will cease to exist inside the body after performing the cleanse. Each cleanse also comes with a maintenance regimen that can be used to protect the body from new parasites that try to invade the body.

This parasite cleanse uses three herbs that have been proven to rid the body of parasites. Woodworm, clove, and black walnut hull have been proven to eliminate up to one hundred different parasites including those that are found in the body most often. Pinworms, round worms, tape worms, and flukes are the parasites that are found in the body most often. These parasites live in the colon and the inside the intestinal walls. They will use nutrients that are supposed for be used for the body. They will reproduce often which will complicate getting rid of them. While most parasite medications will get rid of the adult parasites, it will not get rid of the eggs. Multiple treatments will have to be given in order to eliminate all parasites from the body.

The Clarke parasite cleanse is an easy treatment that can be started immediately after receiving the cleanse. The herbs should look fresh and green because they are meant to be taken when they are the most potent. The capsules will last for a long time and the directions on how to take them will be provided. While it is very easy to doubt the effectiveness of this cleanse, it should be tried in order to determine if it is working the way it should. People who use this cleanse may have stomach aches for the first few days which indicates that the parasites are being eliminated. People who are on this cleanse will need to expel fecal matter and other materials more often so that the colon can clean itself out.

Once the cleanse is complete, begin the maintenance program which will help keep parasites from returning again. This maintenance program is optional, but is a good way to make sure that new parasites do not linger in the body for very long. If a person does not want to use the maintenance program, they should use the cleanse at least once a year in order to maintain a healthy body.

Using a parasite cleanse like this one may help reduce problems such as fatigue, stomach aches, head aches, lowered concentration, weight gain, and other symptoms that are usually attributed to chronic fatigue syndrome, flu, or a stomach virus. Parasites can go undetected in the body for many years. A parasite cleanse may help with these health problems and more.


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