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Canada Ion Cleanse

Advancements in science and technology have brought about rapid changes in our life today. The present age is known as the information superhighway and new findings have made our life more comfortable than ever before! Almost all of our daily activities have been mechanized and automated.

Though such advancements are worthy of high praise, yet the whole issue is not that simple. There does exist another side to it. This part of the issue is filled with the threats and dangers that are nothing but the side-effects of new technologies.

Take a small example—when you visit a supermarket, you come across eatables that are processed and canned, prepared with colorings, derivatives, and additives, preserved with preservatives and so on. Now, do you have any idea as to what these terms indicate?

The blunt truth is that they are chemicals, some of them too intense and toxic for your body to withstand. In the long run, your body suffers irreparable loss and can hardly be repaired fully once these toxins settle down and start breaking down your system.

Remember that along with the food you eat, water you drink, and the air you breathe, unseen chemicals and toxins are continuously entering your body. These substances pile up as solid collections in various parts—mostly away from your vital organs—like hip, waist, arms, etc. Now, this condition is called obesity, overweight, or cellulite. There are many terms like these to describe the condition when your body is unable to eliminate these toxins and they begin to attack it.

It is a disturbing fact to know that toxins accumulate in many sensitive parts of the body, like joints, muscles, tissues, and arteries sometimes. When these parts are attacked by unmanageable toxic wastes, they are unable to carry out their functions and become weak as days pass by. This degeneration of body makes your life miserable by creating a series of health problems.

Now, you might be wondering why this discussion regarding the disastrous effects of toxins is being dealt with in such an elaborate way. This is just to emphasize that you need to be careful about your well being and good health and awareness about toxins would go a long way in achieving this goal.

You can effectively tackle toxins, chemicals, and other wastes that threaten your well being by adopting suitable detoxification methods. There are many kinds of medicines that have been designed to fight toxins and eliminate them from your system. Among them, the most popular and preferred form of body detoxification is the ion cleansing method.

Like any other country, there are many experts and physicians in Canada who are well-versed in the field of ion cleansing. For example, Mark J. Brewer is a well-known wellness facilitator who specializes in Reiki. He advocates a holistic approach to diseases.
His system of medication strongly reiterates that to achieve good health, your body must be cleansed and free from toxic wastes that find an entry through various media like food, water, air, etc.

There are various ion cleanse protocols found useful and common in Canada. For example, the bio- cleanse method, the IonCleanse® Canada foot spa, etc. are adopted by experts who have studied their utility and even have tried these procedures themselves. Mark J. Brewer switched over from IonCleanse to Dr. Mary Staggs™ detox foot spa.

The Ion Cleanse foot spa treatments are preferred over other methods as they eliminate huge loads of toxins in one sitting itself. Not only that, when you undergo foot spa sessions in a series, you can be assured that almost all the toxins in your body have been eliminated and you can also enjoy a discount if you register for a series of ion cleansing sessions. This is a result of intense research of the various ion cleansing machines available in the market and their features.

Even though the underlying principle of all these machines is the ion theory, some seem to have an edge with their easy operation and handling, convenient manipulation and results. The principle behind the functioning of an ion cleanse machine is that the metal component of the array, the water molecules, and your body’s chemicals—all put together form a chain of reactions. This makes the color of the water-- in which you have placed your bare feet—change constantly. This means that the machine is performing well and is eliminating wastes from your body.

After an ion cleanse session, you are sure to feel light, more energetic, and healthier than ever before. All credit is due to the ion cleanse machine only. There are several organizations in Canada that specialize in body detoxification, including ion cleansing. One of the organizations best known in this field is Cellular Health Inc. which is located in Edmonton.

You can approach this organization that is dedicated to the task of helping people out of their health problems by using safe as well as result-oriented methods like colon hydrotherapy, massage therapy, iridology, ion cleanse, whole body analysis, and so on.

You can opt for ion cleanse if you fulfill the pre-requisites that are similar to any other ion cleansing method. Once you start an ion cleansing session, you can notice how quickly toxins are expelled from your body. In just about 30-45 minutes, a good amount of toxins will be expelled and you can know from the color of the water as to which organs have been cleansed and what type of toxins have been removed.
Ion cleansing machines are becoming a common feature in households, offices, clinics, and spa centers. Canada is no exception to this! There is a growing awareness among people regarding toxins and the solutions available to counterattack them. You can find a befitting example for this statement in Canada.

Heard of the Grail springs? Yes, the catch line is “Transformation Destination”. You might be fancying as to what and how will the transformation take place here? Well, all you need to do is book a detox package and arrive at this destination only to find yourself a transformed person in terms of wellness, energy, health and fitness. Surprisingly, all this is achieved within a few days! This health and wellness spa in Ontario has designed a well-balanced program for detoxifying your body.

Various elements like a balanced alkaline diet, health tonics, footbaths, colonics session, infrared sessions, etc. are included along with ion cleanse. The spring waters themselves possess the innate quality of recharging your mind and body as they contain trillions of ions that attach to your body due to their magnetic field. You feel the same when you walk near a beach or bathe in a waterfall!

Meanwhile, smaller organizations are fast catching up in the field of body detoxification. For example, Gail Bauer owns an organization called “bloom” that serves the purposes of body detoxification through ion cleansing and also alternative medicines like aromatherapy massage, Reiki, meditation, Bach flower remedies, etc.

Many online drugstores and pharmacies in Canada are engaged in meeting their customers’ demands by updating themselves of the latest equipments and medicines pertaining to ion cleansing. The demand for ion cleansing machines can be termed unprecedented as people are convinced about the usefulness, convenience, portability, reliability, and accuracy of these machines.

Like other states, while undergoing ion cleansing in Canada, you need to leave margin of 20-40 % for local conditions and geographical factors of the place where you reside. Similarly, it is better to train your body for a few days before you start with ion cleansing. Training implies getting used to light diet like fresh fruit juices, no beverages or alcohol, no drugs, no fatty foods, etc.

It is encouraging to note that the concept of ion cleansing is gaining popularity in Canada. New concepts like ion cleansing equipments, ion hair brushes, mats, water purifiers that give you ionized water, etc. are being recognized and recommended by experts.

The market is showing an upward trend and the demand for ion cleansing products—both manufactured locally and imported—is steadily rising. This has encouraged dealers, manufacturers, and companies to get new products and help customers in improving their health in a simple, yet powerful way, which is nothing else than ion cleansing.

Ion Cleanse is a way to cleanse your body from toxins with nearly no effort. Other possibilities to cleanse your body are colon cleansing or liver cleansing methods.


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