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Ion body detoxification

Recall the last walk on the beach, so relaxing, mind at peace and especially when the water passes between the feet. Why is this experience so relaxing? Why mind comes to peace as soon as water molecules touch our feet? Nowadays many people talk about ion detoxification.

What is ion detoxification aka ion cleanse or ion detox?

Ion body detoxification is an external detoxification method, which removes toxins through feet. The feet are placed in a container of warm water.

The water in the container then generates a stream of negative and positive ion which attaches themselves to the toxins present in the body and then draws them out of the body through skin.
The ion generator is placed in the water or the hands.
Then it supplys a small amount of direct current into the array, this current then produces negative and positive ions which is then thrown into the body.

Procedure of ion cleanses:

Human body acts as huge magnet. This magnet attracts all positive negative and also toxic elements in the body. These toxic elements then disturb the regular functioning of the body and the system gets disrupted. Ion body detoxification is one pf the most relaxing method to detoxify the body from the toxic material present in the body. This is an excellent method to detoxify your body by bathing your feet in warm water using ion generator. Detoxification process not only takes place of the feet but for the whole body wherever toxic materials are present.

Those who have gone through ion body detoxification sessions they have different opinions. Those who were suffering from blood pressure have reported symptomatic relief; people with joint pains, swollen joints have reported drastic relief.

Human beings are prone to toxics since the beginning of this planet. These toxics are dumped either through air, water, and food. With this ongoing process of dumping toxic materials in the body it become really important that they should be thrown out of the body at regular intervals. The ion body detoxification is an efficient way to clean the body and relax the body as well. The detoxification process accelerates changes in the body.

Ion body detoxification has proved to build up long energy level. This is only possible if you go through the ion cleansing process. This process not only reduces the toxic levels but at the same time provide energy to the body. The water through the array is really beneficial for the negative and positive ions as the ions produced by the water when attach them to the toxic material and made this toxic substance soluble. This toxic material is then thrown out of the body through the skin.

Many skin problems have also been solved by ion body detoxification process. Problems like rashes, dark circles; yellow-green and blotched complexions have shown tremendous changes. It is so because this detoxification program build up the wear out tissues and also help to remove all the toxins accumulated in these tissues.
One thing should be kept in mind with this ion body detoxification program is that you have to follow diet chart. This will in turn helps you to see the effects more quickly.

How to prevent detoxification side effects

Normal for the first body detox is the getting a headache, you could prevent that, if you
drink enough water.
If you are without any serious desease you could detox at least 2 times a year.

If your physician can observe your body values after your detoxification,
you are on the right side of the game. But Detoxification can have some side effects.
To prevent the detoxification side effects you have to drink at least 3 liters of water per day, add some minerals and nutrition to your food.

Ayuvedic medicine recommends to do a body cleanse at least 2 times a year.

If your body is clean from the inside, it's visible for others. Healthy people look better than unhealthy ones. Use the Ion cleanse to detox your Body for your Beauty and Health.


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