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Avoid Enemas And Laxatives

Try Natural Colon Cleanse Recipe

Enemas and laxatives could have some very uncomfortable results on most people. If you have been having problems with your bowel movement, you don’t really have to resort to enemas or laxatives to help you move your bowels. There are certain simple but very effective detox recipes that you could follow to relieve you of your discomforts as well as help you clean your colon from impacted fecal matters.

Eating healthy foods

In most cases the type of food that you eat and the amount of liquids that you drink causes constipation. If you have been eating a lot of fatty foods and less fibers lately, you could certainly have some problems with your bowel movement. Note that your body needs plenty of fibers to be able to digest your food properly. If you don’t have enough fibers in your diet, your digestive system will not be able to function very well. The best recipe for colon cleansing therefore is a proper diet filled with plenty of fibers and plenty of water.

Concocting your colon cleanse recipe

If you don’t want to go through those enemas or take laxatives, you may try some recipes that could stimulate bowel movement. A good example of recipes that promote regular bowel movement is the combinations of grape or cherry juice with water, 1 level teaspoon of vitamin C crystals and 3 tablespoons of liquid bentonite. Shake well for about 10 second and drink immediate. Grape juice has some cleansing effects while Vitamin C helps dissolve mucous waste. On the other hand, the liquid bentonite absorbs toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides. According to experts, this concoction is very effective in loosening impacted fecal matters in your colon.

Another effective recipe for cleansing the colon is the combination of aloe leaf, ginger, cascara sagrada, cayenne pepper and senna. According to most experts, the combination of these herbs can be very effective in stimulating the digestive system and promote bowel movement. You may also take this recipe together with a combination of garlic and fennel, which is known to have some purifying, effects on the colon.

Doing some exercise

Simple exercise such as walking could do wonders to your digestive system. When you do some walking, make sure that the ball of your feet touches the ground solidly to stimulate your nerves and help you move your bowels. Studies shows that people who walk lightly on their toes no not stimulate their intestinal tracts enough to facilitate bowel movement, thus, in order to stimulate your intestinal tracts, you must walk on the balls of your feet.


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