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Constipation Enemas: A Last Resort

Common Ways of Dealing with Constipation

Constipation is a very common disorder. All around the world, no matter what race you are of, or what country you are in, you will at one point of your life experience constipation.
When you have difficulty moving your bowels, several things happen. First, you feel bloated and full. Second, waste material and toxins build up inside your large intestine. And third, you will experience pain because of the ongoing abnormality in your system.

If not dealt with properly and promptly, constipation can cause serious damage to the body. There is simply no health benefit to having waste material stored up in your body, especially when it comes to feces. When feces cannot be releases, they putrefy inside the body, spreading toxins far and wide and essentially giving the immune system a real hard time. So how can constipation be resolved?

For most people, a combination of dietary changes, proper exercise, and even laxatives will work wonders for constipation. In the majority of cases, a doctor is not even needed, but recommended. However, in a small minority of constipation cases, even the use of laxatives does not produce results. This is where constipation enemas come in.

Constipation Enemas: An Introduction

One thing you must remember about using constipation enemas is that they are a last resort when it comes to resolving constipation problems.

For mild constipation, you should rely on changing your diet, particularly getting yourself used to high-fiber foods. Fruits like pineapple, prunes, apples and peaches will help here. If you eat white bread, stop. Switch to whole-grain versions that use wheat or bran – this will help scour your intestines and rid them of waste.

For serious constipation, you might have no choice but to rely on laxatives, both prescription and non-prescription. Consult a physician. Non-prescription drugs should be tried first, as they are the weaker and thus safer variety. Prescription laxatives should only be used at the recommendation of your doctor.

For the more serious cases, enemas and surgery may be required. Both these options are a last resort, and you should not decide on these alternatives unless all the preceding suggestions have been exhausted.

Enemas are an excellent way to cleanse your colon. Not only are there no side effects, they can be much more effective than laxatives. Enemas basically wash up your colon, in the process taking out fecal matter, the toxins but the good bacteria environment is messed up too.

Before you apply an enema your first time, ask someone to assist you that has done it already, thats improtant, as you may damage your rectum and colon. It is recommened to consult a physician if you have bowel movement problems, please ask him if an enema is good for you in your special health situation.

Taking Enemas can cause serious damage if you don't know what you are doing..

To apply an enema, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have everything you need. You need to have an enema solution, a bag for the solution, and some tubing. The enema solution can be purchased, or you can prepare it yourself.
  2. Have the person lie on the left side. If you are the one to whom the enema is being applied to, give the enema bag to an assistant and lie on your left side.
  3. Bend the knee of your right leg. This allows the fluid to flow better.
  4. Lubricate the tube end and insert it into the rectum, about 4-6 inches of it, not more
  5. Allow the fluid to flow slowly inside the rectum, as this is much less uncomfortable.
  6. Wait at least three minutes after the solution has been consumed before moving your bowels.

By using enemas regularly, you can both prevent and treat constipation. But keep in mind that you have to build up the good bacterias in your colon again. Enemas are your last resort, after you have visited your doctor and you have spoken with him about your descision using them, he could recommend a prooven product.




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